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The AccuHang® technology is a system utilizing tools, hardware and techniques for mounting framed art and mirrors, shelves, cornices, etc. by two-point wall attachment and for anti-theft  mounting. The AccuHang® mounting is child safe and earthquake resistant. The use of wire as a hanging component is completely eliminated.


The AccuHang® wireless technology is the first and only technology that allows the installer to visually evaluate the position of the object on the wall and then comfortably mount that object at the exact selected position without any measurements, calculations or templates.


The AccuHang® technology offers a unique solution to the practical implementation of wall decor arrangements designed with the interactive WallPlanner™ software module.



The AccuHang® Technology Concept



In order to find the wall fasteners position, the AccuHang® hanging guides are temporally affixed to the AccuHang® brackets, or if it is a metal frame, snapped into the channel of the frame top rail. Hanging guides incorporate a WallGlider™ which allows the frame to be moved smoothly along the wall surface without any damage to the wall.


By maneuvering the frame along the wall, the customer is able to visually evaluate the frame position. When the frame correct, visually pleasing position is established, the customer marks locations for the wall fasteners by pushing the frame toward the wall.


Wall fasteners are then installed, and the frame is hung by engaging the AccuHang® brackets or the metal frame top rail with the wall fasteners. The frame is hung in a steady and safe manner, flush against the wall at exactly the position the customer has selected.


For security mounting one or more hanging guides are used to mark the position(s) for the "T" head screw(s).


There are two major types of AccuHang® hanging guides:


        I.      Professional hanging guides – rigid tools with an audible feedback  that are designed for the long-term use by professional installers, picture framers, interior decorators, wall painters, maintenance personnel and handymen.


      II.      Consumer-grade, economical hanging guides for the consumer mass- market.



It should be noted that when utilizing AccuHang® technology for metal frames, there is no need for any hanging hardware to be attached to the frame - the frame is hung by engaging the channel of its top rail with wall fasteners.





IA&T, LLC launches the first group of products in the AccuHang® line:



two-point wall attachment and for the security mounting of wall décor


The AccuHang® Set of Professional Tools and hardware offers significant labor and material savings for manufacturers and installers. It opens new horizons for wall decor designers and interior decorators. It fulfills customers' demand in a modern, convenient, and maximally secure way of mounting wall decor.


bracket view



  • Ability to create decor of the unique form and configuration including openwork, sculptures and florals.
  • Ability to create decor that may be mounted in the strictly controlled positions and orientations.
  • Ability to create unique wall arrangements/groupings with an increased number of components.

  • Eliminates the use of wire along with the associated product liability issues.
  • Provides more freedom in the construction of large / heavy frames and frames made of polystyrene and composite materials.
  • The same hardware is used for both two-point wall attachment and security mounting.

  • Effortless two-point wall attachment at a predetermined position within 1/16”.
  • Stable, flash against the wall and safe as opposed to hanging with wire.
  • Allows the creation of unique wall decor arrangements.
  • Cuts down the time for security mounting in half.
  • No special training required for security mounting.



AccuHang® professional hanging guide temporarily mounted on the AccuHang® bracket






Download  AccuHang® Professional Set detailed description and installation instructions


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Patented under US Patents 6,952,887 and D556015.  Other patents and foreign patents pending.

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